An at-present science-fiction idea where a person or other creature is placed into a coffin-like pod where they are kept alive in an unconscious state. The most important thing you have to know about a hibernation chamber is that it allows the user to stay alive for eons of time. In other words, suspend mode for humans.

This is perfect for space travel because even if you can only travel at relatively slow speeds, given enough time, you would be able to reach any point in space.

Science-fiction writers currently have varying ideas about hibernation chambers. Some feel that the person is in a dream state, having dreams for all those years of travel. Others feel that people are completely frozen for those years, without thoughts or dreams.

Lister was placed in a hibernation chamber in the Red Dwarf series although it was called 'stasis'. Maybe these things are called stasis chambers as well. Sylvester Stallone was placed in a hibernation chamber in the movie Demolition Man also starring Wesley Snipes.

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