A swedish skill-based fantasy RPG that has become very popular since its release. It is designed with their own game world, Mundana, in mind and has many of the well-known themes, like elves and dwarves, represented, though with a slightly different and interesting approach. The dice system is almost entirely based on 6-sided dice. Skills range from 5 to 20-25 in general, though without an upper limit, and you roll 3d6 for a normal skill roll, attempting to roll equal to or less than your skill value. Any dice that land on 6 are replaced with two new dice, making the roll open-ended. Combat is not based on 'hit points' as such, but rather three sections of values, Trauma - Pain - Bleeding, that together determine added difficulty of rolls, blood loss, chance to pass out and chance to die. The magic system is interesting as well, based on 'aspects' of power that you channel into 'effects', which in turn can be combined to form a formalized 'spell' or used as-is, which is a little more difficult but much more dynamic. No english translation of the game is available yet.

Eon is a science fiction novel by Greg Bear. A very interesting and intense read that incorporates many themes, including the complexity of relationships in near-future humans to some rather complex theoretical physics and concepts of infinite timelines.

The book shows good insight into the future of our own race, when those of our near-future meet those of our far-. The book was written in 1985, and as such uses the Cold War as a stepping stone into hostilities on Earth; however, don't let this put you off -- the Earth dealt with could be any permutation of our own, due to the nature of the Stone's travel and time itself.

I hope this has been enough of a taste to convince you to read this great novel; however, if it wasn't, the blurb may convince you a little more:

Above our planet hangs a hollow Stone, vast as the imagination of Man. The inner dimensions are at odds with the outer: there are different chambers to be breached, some containing deserted cities; the furthest contains the greatest mystery ever to confront the Stone's scientists...

But the Stone is not an alien structure. It comes from the future of our humanity. Tombstone or milestone, the war that breaks out on earth beneath its presence seems to bear witness to its prowess as oracle...

--Taken from my copy of Eon, printed 1987.

Next stop, Eternity.

E"on (?), Ae"on (?), n. [L. aeon, fr. Gr. a'iwn space or period of time, lifetime, age; akin to L. aevum. See Age.]


An immeasurable or infinite space of time; eternity; a long space of time; an age.

The eons of geological time. Huxley.

2. Gnostic Philos.

One of the embodiments of the divine attributes of the Eternal Being.

Among the higher Aeons are Mind, Reason, Power, Truth, and Life. Am. Cyc.

Eons were considered to be emanations sent forth by God from the depths of His grand solitude to fulfill various functions in the material and spiritual universe.


© Webster 1913.

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