She looked up at the deep blue skies. The moon was glowing brightly. She felt like this was the beginning to a new chapter in her life. In her hand laid the hand of another, a tallish man with glassy green eyes and palms twice the size of hers. His name was Frederic and despite she already was infatuated by her best friend, she loved him. He was a breathe of fresh air compared to her best friend, James. Frederic was new and exciting, she had met him a week before in the local library. This was all new, Luna had never felt this way about any body before even if she had claimed to be in love several times before.

Frederic looked at the world above him, unsure of what the future had in for him. He looked at Luna, who was so transfixed on the stars, she was so tiny and delicate, at least six inches smaller than himself. Her skin felt soft but cold against his hand, he was so in love with her; she was flawless to him. He said to her; "Do you believe in the power of love?" and waited for a reply. She gasped as the cool air filled her mouth and she said, "I guess I do."

And then she kissed him gently on the cheek. A sudden thrill rippled through Frederic as he felt the clash of her cold lips against his warm cheek. And that's when he grabbed her waist and pulled it towards him. Luna was so shocked, she didn't know how to react. And then he kissed her passionately beneath the stars, nothing had ever felt so right.

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