It's Monday. Why am I so happy? Joy rises in me like a sudden welling, a surprise emotion. I think that I can only really be cheerful when I'm not in pain. I'm plagued by constant back pain thanks my choice of job (Data Entry) and writing and illustrating using my PC when I'm not at work ... then again, I might just be in a small mania.

Our 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons campaign ended on Saturday night, very late into the evening. I was both pleased and sad to see it go. I think we must have played in it for nearly half a year over that period. Oddly, I wasn't very attached to my character, but not for lack of trying with backstory and roleplay. I just didn't connect with my Druid.

One of the players had to leave at the end, but he left some instructions with my fiance, the DM, for what his character would do enough to surprise us even though he wasn't there to play his character in person! Suffice to say, when we're just about to go fight an Aspect of Tiamat, we weren't expecting the racist Elf to suddenly be teleported away back to his homeland ... even though his character had little to no ties to our party, I'm still stinging over that.

Well, it's really fun theory-crafting the ideas for a new character in our next Age of Worms campaign. I think I enjoy thinking about what to make more than making it, so I'm dreading having to put pencil to paper and solidly decide on an idea. I either want to make either a fatalistic half-elf Cleric archer, a cocky Pevishan Ranger with Expert Trapfinding variant and luck feats, or a noble halfing Paladin (Freedom alignment variant) Outrider with a Giant Owl.

My depression is definitely broken. I only wish that infectious motivation wouldn't work just on my project but for housework too. Whether I'm up or down, my urge to do chores shrinks with each coming weekend.

I stayed up late, rendering in Cinema4D and shading in Photoshop until the wee hours. I think I only got four hour's sleep last night, but I'm really revved up today. I'm also going to Missouri by the end of the week and I'm really looking forward to that too.

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