A group of villains published by Marvel Comics. The Hellions first appeared in New Mutants #16 in 1984.

Charles Xavier for many years used his home as a training ground for mutants, teaching them to effectively use their powers. These mutants became the backbone of the X-Men, a group of mutants who fought evil and for the peaceful co-existance of mutants and humans. Similarly, the Massachusetts Academy was headed by a mutant named Emma Frost who enlisted young mutants in her school to be trained as her agents. As Emma Frost was the White Queen of the chess themed Hellfire Club, her students were given the moniker the Hellions.

These younger mutants came into conflict with their counterparts at Xavier's, the New Mutants. Their rivalry was more competitive than advesarial. The Hellions also came into conflict with another group of heroes the New Warriors.

The majority of the Hellions were killed when the time-displaced mutant Trevor Fitzroy attacked Emma Frost and her charges. Handily defeating the younger mutants, Fitzroy used his mutant power to absorb their life forces, killing many of them, though a few of their members escaped or (as with many comic book characters) returned to life.

The original Hellions included:

  • Thunderbird II: The younger brother of the original Thunderbird, John Proudstar, James Proudstar joined the ranks of the Hellions in the hopes of taking his revenge upon the man he held responsible for his brother's death: Charles Xavier. Thunderbird eventually had his chance at revenge but could not kill Xavier. He soon left the Massachuesetts Academy and became a member of X-Force, taking the codenames Proudstar and later Warpath. Thunderbird possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility.
  • Catseye: Sharon Smith possesses the ability to turn into a part human/part cat being with increased strength, agility, a prehensile tail, and razor sharp claws. It has been hinted that Catseye's natural state is the cat being and her power allows her to appear human.
  • Roulette: Jennifer Stavros' mutant ability allows her to create discs that when tossed in the area of others can either cause them good or bad luck
  • Tarot: Marie-Ange Colbert can bring to life the images that appear on the tarot cards that she holds. She also possesses limited precognition.
  • Empath: Manuel de La Rocha's power allows him to manipulate the emotions of others via his telepathic abilities
  • Jetstream: This mutant possesses the ability to fly at high speeds. Unfortunately, his body did not possess the ability to deal with the accompanying stress, and the subsequent damage to him required that parts of him be replaced with bionic components.
  • Firestar: Angelica Jones possesses the ability to radiate microwaves, that she uses for flight and to project bolts of energy. Firestar left the Hellions after she realized Emma Frost's manipulation of her. She later became a member of the New Warriors and later the Avengers.
  • Magma: A former member of the New Mutants, Amara Aquilla became a member of the Hellions for a short time, during which she had a relationship with Empath. Magma possessed the ability to control the Earth's tectonic plates.
  • Bevatron: A mutant who possesses the ability to fire electrical bolts of energy
  • Beef: A mutant possessing superhuman strength
For a brief time, another group of mutants used the name Hellions and the group included former members of the original group who survived the onslaught by Trevor Fitzroy.

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