A very early flight sim for Macintosh. Hellcats, as the name would suggest, placed you in Grumman F6F, which was blue, and had you flying numerous missions in and around the Solomon islands during World War II in the Pacific. There was also an expansion pack of sorts called Leyete Gulf, which added the ability to use rockets as ordenance and took place in Phillipines.

Hellcats was fully polygonal. Given that it was intended to run on 68k based Macs, the graphics were very primitive, and it was quite obvious that it was polygon based - you could see each and every one. However, it was still an impressive feat given a 25MHz CPU and no 3D hardware.

One rather unusual thing about Hellcats is that rather than using the OS-level system calls to produce sound (as almost every other Mac app does - the reason why they can all seem to share the soundcard at once), it used hardware interrupts and vomited raw PCM directly to the sound chip on the older Macs. The side effect was that the sound just plain doesn't work on newer (PowerPC) Macs, since they have a different trap and probably take sound data in a different format. Only the rendition of Taps when you died works on a newer model.

Hellcats is definitely old school.

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