A London nodermeet in the park

It falls to me to organise the next London nodermeet, in order to welcome the fair but-slightly-deadly Antipodean, La petite mort into the fold of the London Booze Monkeys. Let the weird initiation ceremony1 commence!

It's been too long2 since we did the sensible thing, and had a sequel to The Sensible Thing. It's summer, and up here we should jolly well make the most of it and picnic in the park while we can3. Unlike last time, we won't be quite as sober; in fact this meet was almost called the insensitate thing 4. However it is indeed called...


Hell hath no furry


When? Saturday 24th July 2004, from 1pm until the sun goes down.
Where? Centrally located in Hyde Park, within shouting distance of the reformer's tree crossroads. If you don't know what we look like, stand there and meep loudly until we find you. If you need a contact phone number, /msg me and if I'm not feeling paranoid due to the stalker, I'll give it to you.

Weather: Sunny weather, temperatures of 25C (77F, you T) is predicted. Chunderbirds are go!
Why? Primarily to welcome La Petite Mort to London, comment on her interestingly provincial mode of dress5, and well, to do the usual.
What to bring: Stuff to drink and to nibble. Frisbees, balls or suchlike outdoor toys if you're into that. Warm clothes and an umbrella if the weather looks inclement.

Those who are:

Donning an animal costume6 and take the bull by the udders.

La Petite Mort (guest of honour. Scorn her not, for she promises to wear a corset, lace black skirts and ruby heels.)
StrawberryFrog (not particularly furry)
spiregrain (the beast of Ballymena)
catchpole (catch of the day)
Tiefling (The teef wot bites)
Toalight (Norwegian blue; beautiful plumage)
Wntrmute (Artificial life form).
wertperch (who comes pre-furred).
BlackPawn (a secretive Australian Wallaby emerges from it's burrow).
booyaa (booyaa!)
Princess Loulou, Ninja-Princess of Yorkshire
Gritchka (nobody here but us chickens)

Are caught between a rock-rabbit and a hard plaice:

a scar faery (a scarry monster)
BuffcorePhil (one buffalo guy comes around the outside, around the outside...)
Andrew Aguecheek (The Crow. Will come if he has feathered his nest, and might be accompanied by a non-noder "plushie" type person).
^Davion^ (Riled by our cruel misfurrianistic ways, but aiming to goth up for us anyway.)
minisecret (The Dear stalker. Will try harder to make it this time...)
fondue (keeper of the sacred sockmonkey).

Are scorning us and our furry ways:

LeoDV (the hunter, busy stalking his furry prey in the wilds of Paris)
Amnesiac (joined the foreign legion in order to forget our wicked ways)
resiak (will be out of the country, hunting mountain animals in Catalonia, armed only with a double bass).
Posmella (Non-migratory Kiwi bird, is remaining in the antipodes).
RalphyK (busy wanking into the mouth of a stuffed panda).
JodieK (Pining for the bamboo forests)
Albert Herring (will be hewing down the mightiest tree in the forest).
Hexter( Fleeing. Fleeing to Darlington for a woman I say!)
nocte (Creature of de night. Vot beautiful music she makes)
gavmck (is fleeing to Cornwall He'll be in nookie).
BlueDragon (is flying to Newcastle).
Oolong (shaggy dog story. Is fleeing to Scotland).
TheLady (generally fleeing)
Wiccanpiper (says it too far to drive from 'Merica)
The Debutante (has fled all the way down under.)
OberonDarksoul (would if could but he cant).

Crash-space needed

BuffcorePhil needs a place to sleep it off afterwards. /msg him if you can provide.

1) This ceremony consists mostly of getting drunk, talking about the comics/tv shows/music/computer games that we used to read/watch/listen to/play when we were little, and how dead cool it all seems now. Then the monkey will be photographed in various compromising positions.
2) Two years and two months, approximately.
3) For suitable values of the word "can". La Petite Mort has assured us that being a hardy Australian, she can withstand the worst that the English sun can do without being burned by the nasty yellow face. Besides, we have trees for shade. The relentless rain makes them grow quite nicely.
4) Lessons have been learned, and the estimated quantity of alcohol required has been increased.
5) No laughing at the Goths. You may instead laugh at furrys.
6) This means you're coming. It's just a metaphor. You don't actually need to dress up in a bunny suit, as if you were going to a Flaming Lips gig. In fact, we'd rather you didn't. Please.

Thank you all for coming and having a wonderfull time. I enjoyed myself, even if I did end up drunk and sunburned.

Shout out to the people that I met for the first time: minisecret, BlackPawn, Wntrmute

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