Before I left the office this evening, I wandered down the row of developer cubes to see if anybody was still there. It was 7:00 PM, so I didn't bother with marketing or sales. In one of the cubes, there was a pair of pants and a shirt draped over a chair, and a pair of shoes on the floor. I know that guy (we'll call him "Bob"), and in the evenings he often puts on those silly high-tech roller skates those crazy kids these days wear, and he goes zooming around on the bike path by the river. So that's what Bob must have been doing . . .

But for one brief moment, it seemed to me as if Bob had had an epiphany, shed his clothes, and run out of the building and off across the parking lot, leaping joyfully, naked as the day he was born, intoxicated by freedom.

I envied him.

Fly away, Bob! Someday we'll all join you!

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