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126th Street has a hard time making a name for itself since it’s so close to “Main Street” Mostly it is a quiet residential area with a few brownstones most of which have been renovated since the 1980s. Here are the highlights from this block. (by cross street, heading west to east)

St. Nicholas Blvd.
As you continue to Frederick Douglass Blvd.. You are in a alleyway behind all the shops. Often, there is a crowd here late at night waiting to collect autographs from the people who perform at The Apollo theatre. The adjacent street is a vacant lot.

Frederick Douglass Blvd. (8th Ave.)
Allah's Nation Headquarters, they own most of this block. They are kinda like the Nation of Islam, but a bit weirder-- Often they send costumed speakers to 125th Street to hand out pamphlets.

Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (7th Ave.)
-Jamaican Hot Pot (restaurant, inexpensive)
-Windows (a classy restaurant)
-Black Fashion Museum
-Parking (rare in NYC!)

Malcolm X Blvd. (Lennox Ave. or 6th Ave.)
-The Project art gallery
-Sylvia's Restaurant probably the most famous soul food restaurant in America. Featured in a number of Spike Lee films.

Fifth Avenue.
- National Black Theatre Institute (they have a performance space in a renovated firehouse)
- A very famous photo was taken here. One day in 1956 a group of jazz musics gathered to pose for a photo for Variety Magazine. It was amazing to have so many great players in one place. It was A Great Day in Harlem. Among them were:
(NOTE: If there is no note by the musicians name then you should click on their name to see the node about them-- that is, the ones without a little note from me are really famous and other noders have covered them more fully than I could in just a line or two. The list of names came from, the notes came from my landlord who likes Jazz way too much...)

125th Street126th Street127th Street

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