I work for a dot com wannabe we've been around over 20 years (No I've only been here 6 years a lifetime to some) and have seen the company grow from about 200 to over 500 and then shrink back to 150. I used to believe in my company we had core values that were noble and great. I felt appreciated and proud of my work. The management inspired me. I worked hard not only for myself but for the greater good of the company. I had stock options and billing bonuses. They brought in free drinks (although I could never figure out the caffeine-free diet Coke) and had shrimp boils with free beer. My managers were my compatriots we battled for the good of our company. Now the managers are telling us to take the hill, fight on, and the generals are leaving the battlefield. The sodas in the fridge have been reduced to the caffeine free and diet drinks. They now want everybody in at 8 AM till 5 PM (for those who say big deal I would get in at 10 AM and work till 10 PM or later to get the job done). They put reviews on hold for over a month and talks of bonuses are non existent. The stock options which were there to bring about our dreams of a home have been taken away. Upper management has begun to leave. My new boss has proposed a dress up day because they want us to look good for clients.

Some of the great quotes flying around have been

  • "It's better to fire everyone than it is to change" - new director
  • "It's not the pain after the sale that matters its only if we make the sale" - Former upper sales manager
  • "You are our greatest asset" with "If you don't believe in the management then dust off your resume" - Venture Capitalist
  • "I'm not here about the money I'm here because I don't like to not succeed" - Venture Capitalist
  • "The day starts at 8 AM" - Manager when I walked into a meeting at 8:01 on my watch
  • "I want a list of everybody who was on time to this meeting" - Manager who was 15 minutes late

I look at the back of my business card where the core values of my company are. I read them and I can believe them. I can follow them. But I no longer feel that my company holds to them. In fact I worry that my company may not be around in 6 months.

Am I holding on to hope? Just barely. Why do I stay? I've been here 6 years of my life. I put my heart and soul into this job. I've spent almost as much time with this job as I have with my family. It's tough to let go. Should I let go? I see other companies in my arena failing without warning. People come into work in the morning and find they have been locked out of the office with no pay.

So no I am faced with a dilemma... Do I stay the ride out and see if we make it or do I go and get a new job and loose the seniority that I have achieved?

Time will tell
Well they just let 4 people go. I'm pretty sure I'm not next BUT who knows. Those 4 came in for a full week of work and now are pounding the street for a job.
How much longer will it last?

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