Harlech is a Welsh town immortalised in the song 'Men of Harlech'. Like so much of North Wales, it is constructed on hilly ground, so drivers of large, heavy vehicles will want to stay at least half a mile away from the castle.

Castell Harlech is the town's most prominent feature and can be seen from across the bay, if you look carefully - it does blend in a bit, so you may need to squint. It is an interesting attraction, even though none of the original woodwork remains. The top of the castle can be reached following a climb up the stone steps, and offers a nice view of the town, the railway passing through, and the sea. The sea originally came right up to the castle walls, and steps led down to a dock for receiving supplies by boat. Nowadays the sea is further back, and these same steps lead to a six foot drop to the ground. The main entrance is also new: a wooden staircase into the giftshop replaces the two drawbridges that once bridged the gap to a gatehouse.

The castle took 1000 men to build, but only took three years - this was obviously before the industrial revolution and the advent of middle management. In its time it must have been able to defend a huge area, towering high above the ground, with its barracks full of men ready at an instant to rain arrows upon any revolting Welsh people who might come nearby. The castle and surrounding area are quite well developed for tourism, and in the summer there are falconry displays.

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