"We have waited centuries for this moment. The rivers will flow with the blood of those who oppose us."
-- Kane, suspected leader of the Brotherhood of Nod - Global Net Interpol file #GEN4:16

Tech Level: 1
Power Consumption: 20
Hit Points: 200
Cost: 300
Prerequisites: Power Plant
Produces: Minigunners, flamethrowers, bazookas, chemical warriors, engineers, and commandos.

The Hand of Nod is the most important Brotherhood structure in Westwood Studios' Command & Conquer, allowing every evil player to build basic ground units. It's also required before you can build a Helipad.

Philosophically, it's also very interesting... one can't help but wonder if the game's designers meant for its vague philosophical nature to be present. The phonetic resemblance to "Hand of God" is undeniable, suggesting that the supreme deity actually favors the "Peace-Unity-Brotherhood" mantra of the devilish military faction.

One also can't help but note that the Hand is shown clutching the Earth; clearly, NOD is willing to waste millions of dollars on ridiculous architecture just to make it clear to African civilians that they will eventually control the world.

Apparently, controlling Africa is what will give Nod the upper hand against North America, Europe, and Asia.

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