There are a billion different hamster "toys" on the market, most of which come at a hefty price. I've got a little advice for you: you don't need 98% of them.

Your hamster needs exercise, which can be achieved by providing it with a wheel, whether it be plastic, metal, soundless or not. There is also the option of a rolly-ball that it can motor around the house in without actually being "loose". These can be okay, but don't think for a second you can leave the hamster unattended just because it's in the ball. If it hits a wall hard enough, the ball may end up breaking or opening. Stairs, other pets, and many other dangers exist in your home. It's just like letting a child play in a walker, you *have* to watch them the entire time.

You can also buy little houses for your hamster, with all the little holes to peek out of and whatnot. Nine times out of ten they won't want it and will sleep curled up in a corner of their cage in a nest they made, and chew on the bars all night long. Give them an empty little box instead, much more cost-effective, and it can be thrown out when they end up peeing in it or chewing it up.

Tubes, and tunnels. Don't buy the plastic ones. They pee in them and it smells terrible. Use paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, or whatever else you might have lying around.

Having a hamster doesn't have to be costly, just don't buy the stupid stuff they won't use any way. I speak from personal experience, you really don't need all of that junk. (Though, if you have the cash to spare, feel free to purchase high priced toys all you want.)

Though hamster bongs seem like a comical idea.. don't give your hamster bongs, they'll probably just die of a heart attack.

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