This node details all of the different halfling subraces, (if you don't know what a halfing is, then go read the halfling node first, don't worry, this node will still be here).


Hairfeet are the classic halflings of legend (the halfling node speaks generally of these halflings). Living lives similar to those of humans, working at such careers as brewers, farmers, bakers, and cobblers. The are an average of about 3 feet tall, although they are stockier in build than humans. They exhibit the whole range skin and eye colors that exist in their world. Hairfeet are named for the downy hair that grows on the tops of their feet, and they go barefoot in all but the coldest of weather. These halflings live closest to humankind, often working for, or hiring humans to do labour. Now the hairfoot halflings believe in doing as little as possible to get the job done (but doing it right). For example, a hairfoot farmer may tend a smaller field than the human farmer (and spend half his time lying in the shade smoking a pipe), yet at the end of the season both farms will have brought the same yield (due to clever irrigation and crop rotation techniques the halfling farmer employed). In general goods made by these halflings are higher quality than similar items (and therefore cost more money).

Stout The stout halfling are a little more uncommon than the hairfeet, but are still a very common subrace. Stouts are named for their girth. The average stout weighs in at 150 percent of what the average hairfoot does, and this isn't just fat. The stouts are a strong race with an affinity for wrestling and similar friendly competition. These halflings do not show the racial diversity that the hairfeet do. Most stouts appear to be of something similar to northern European descent (with blond and red hair most common). Unlike most other subraces, male stouts can grow facial hair. This usually manifests itself in the form of muttonchop sideburns (and the occasional handlebar mustache). These halflings tend to dress for utility, favoring leather clothing and boots (stouts almost always wear shoes). Although every stout will have a fancy outfit hidden away for special occasions. The stouts tend to gravitate towards classical Dwarven skills (such as mining and mushroom farming), although they are also excellent river fishermen. Unlike their hairfeet cousins, the stouts put forth a lot of effort at their chosen professions (surpassing Dwarven quality for some goods). The stouts are also longer lived than most (with some elders even reaching their 200th birthday).

The tallfellow halflings are named for their height, standing an average of 4 feet tall (and being much thinner than hairfeet), the tallfellows exist in significant numbers in temperate woodland areas. Tallfellows tend towards wearing long hair, clothes in woodland shades of brown, yellow, and green, and often have a small brightly colored hat. Tallfellows have as much in common with elves as they do with other halflings. They tend to live above ground, in spacious wooden homes with ceilings at least 6 feet tall (to better serve their elven and human guests). Tallfellows tend toward careers such as logger, shepherd, and hunter. They are also the only halfling race with any natural riding talent. In fact the tallfellows have bred many different diminutive breeds of horses for their own use. This is the longest lived of all halfling races, with some tallfellows reaching their 250th birthday.

Athaslan Halfling

The Athaslan breed of halflings exists only on the desert world of Athas (the world of the Dark Sun campaign). They are a fierce race, unfriendly to non-halflings. They live in the jungles along the ridgeline of the Ringing Mountains (which is the most well watered place on Athas). The Athaslan halfling usually goes nude (sporting only a shaggy mane of hair). The Athaslan halflings live a life more like that of a classic Tarzan style jungle savage, than that of a normal halfling. I have merely included them here for completion purposes (very little material has been published about these halflings as compared to the other races).

Furchin (Polar Halfling)

The furchin are the rarest and shortest lived of all halfling races (80 years average). They are the only bearded halflings (beards are a matter of great pride among the furchin). They live a life similar to that of the eskimo (furchins live only in glacial areas). Building igloos in the winter, and tents in the summer. Living a migratorial lifestyle, the furchin are trappers and fishermen foremost (having no time for the classic halfling pursuits of laziness). The furchin originated on the ice world of Falakyr (think Hoth from Star Wars), but have spread to other worlds as well (isn't spelljamming technology wonderful). The furchin only appeared in a single fantasy work that I am aware of (The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings), but some groups seem to use them in their games, so I have included them here.

Where are the Kender you ask? After some consultion with The Man, we have determined that Kender are not halflings. So any Kender discussion will have to be limited to the Kender node.

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