Half Dollar Hockey is a form of hockey that is played on a table instead of a rink and uses a Kennedy Half Dollar instead of a puck.


Rules/Walkthrough: I will now take you through an entire game to show how it is played. Firstly, each player takes a cup. The half dollar is left in the center. A coin flip will now decide who starts on defense and offense. Usually the person with the worst record will pick heads or tails; however, that is up to the players. The winner of the coin toss starts on offense with the half dollar. The loser of the coin toss will take the cup and place it into position. The proper position of the goal is directly in front of the body, centered on the table with the open end facing the player with the half dollar. The cup must be more than halfway on the table, and must be firmly held with both hands- neither hand must be restricting or interfering with the entrance to the cup. This is the defensive position. The offense takes the half dollar in his hands and spins the coin on its side. For the spin to be legal, it must appear spherical while spinning. If the coin falls or does not achieve full spin, the turn is over. While the coin is spinning, the offense needs to hit it to put it in the cup. The Strike must be a single motion that stops at the coin. There can be no follow-through. The offense only gets one strike (shot) on the coin. If the coin enters the cup-, it is a goal. If the coin does not- it is not a goal. The offense and defense change after every shot. This continues until a set score is reached. (I recommend five, especially when playing in a tournament format)

It's really quite simple- the rules can be changed as desired. This is just a blueprint for the game as my friends and I played it.

A brief discussion of Striking Techniques
  • The Fist A fist is formed and then thrown into the coin. Avoiding follow-through is difficult with this technique and it has been known to be wildly inaccurate; however it is the most powerful.
  • The Flick You flick the half dollar as if it were a crumb on the table. You place your pointer finger against the inside of your thumb, then push forcefully against your thumb and release it. This is a very accurate shooting method; however, it is also painful. A half dollar will beat up your fingers pretty quickly using this method.
  • The Chop You leave your hand flat. (think like paper in rock, paper, scissors.) You then swing it back and aim at the coin with the side of your hand. It’s moderately accurate and you can put good force behind it.

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