This poem is written completely in iambic pentameter and is about the small punk band that my friends and I are in, called Hack 7, of course, and in the bandleader, Brian’s, voice.

These are the days that echo in my heart,
That sound themselves in secret wishes, known
To only me, but now, I'll tell you here.
I want the music loud and strong and fierce,
I want it quick and smiling to the ears,
I want to make the music, sounding true.
There is a stage that has our name somewhere…
I want to be the first, I want to sing;
I've written words and written songs to match.
I know, one day, the world will hear them all
Because the world still needs someone to play
Where others balk and sit and do not hope.
The world needs us and who we are to play
We are the first, and not the last...we are...

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