a jazz/acid jazz/funk band started in 1993 by DJ Greyboy (aka Andreas Stephens) and Karl Denson (saxophone, flute)
the rest of the band is made up of Zak Najor (drums), Chris Stillwell (bass), Robert Walter (keyboards), Michael Andrews (guitar), and Elgin Park (guitar)
mostly instrumental stuff (only song of theirs I know of with vocals is "Tenor Man")

Sometimes compared to Jamiroquai (they're both rather funky I suppose)
a friend of mine called it pimp music, and that's kinda what it reminds me of too
nice driving music too -- it especially seems to fit the old boat that I drive

Albums include A Town Called Earth, West Coast Boogaloo, and Live

also did much of the music for the movie Zero Effect

A quick and minor correction to Nerp's otherwise fine post (props for creating the node).

- Michael Andrews IS Elgin Park, or should I say Elgin Park is Michael Andrews. He used this stage name while performing with the Allstars. It (Elgin Park) is also the name of one of his (Michael Andrews') other projects, which all good pop heads should check out at all costs. They are on Enjoy Records with another great talent in [Jack Johnson}, famous for surfing well, capturing fine surf footage, producing music videos, and lately for his great music.

The AllStars are unfortunately done touring, which is what they did best.

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