A villain published by Marvel Comics. The Grey Gargoyle was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #107 in 1964.

Paul Pierre Duval was a French chemist working for a drug manufacturer in Paris when he gained his power. Working with a chemical mixture that included an unknown component, Duval did what any good chemist would do when confronted with the unknown; he poured it on himself, specifically his right hand. Suddenly Duval's hand was composed of some grey, rock-like substance. When he touched his other hand, he discovered that he could transform the rest of his body into the same type of substance by touching it, a picture which frankly smacks of auto-erotism, but then again Duval is French. Duval next discovered that anything he touched besides himself became stone-like, but was also incapable of movement.

Deciding that he could use his newfound powers for personal gain, Duval constructed an incredibly questionable costume and set off on a crime spree as the Grey Gargoyle. Duval's costume consisted of a cape with a high collar worn by putting your arms through two loops, a pair of Speedo-like swim trunks, a mask, and blue socks and blue gloves. The glove on his right hand was specially treated to not turn to stone, but had a hole in the palm to allow him contact with his victims.

The Grey Gargoyle had a successful crime spree growing when he fell victim to one of the classic pitfalls of evil-doers: he got bored. Deciding that he would work his way into the big league, Duval traveled to America to wrest the secret of immortality from the Asgardian Thor. Needless to say, the Grey Gargoyle got his head handed to him on numerous ocassions.

The Grey Gargoyle has clashed with other heroes including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man. He has also aligned himself with a number of villainous organizations including Advanced Idea Mechanics or AIM and the villain team the Masters of Evil.

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