Speedo is a Nottingham, England-based swimwear manufacturer, originally founded in Australia in 1914. Their name has become a genericized trademark for tight-fitting briefs-style swimwear for men. Speedos can be bought in many colors and in an array of different fits. High-cut, low-waisted varieties exist for the daring (and well-waxed), while full-coverage bottoms are also available for competition.

In 2007, Speedo started making a new line called "Flipturns," starting with dragsuits and later to polo briefs. Flipturns come in eye-catching colors and unique patterns, adding much needed variety and zest to the professional swimmer's training wardrobe.

Speedo also makes a wide variety of other types of swimwear, including more traditional shorts, fashion swimwear for women, and thongs (for both your feet and your buttocks). Their prices are a bit steep, but the quality and fit is unmatched.

An interesting term referring to the Speedo is banana hammock.

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