A feature-length (77 minutes) movie, written and produced in 1995 by Caltech students Mike O'Neal and Chris Springfield; as the name implies, it's in the style of Dr. Seuss covering the story of Hamlet. It's distributed by Rock's Eye Productions. It also introduces a new character to preserve the Green Eggs and Ham story: the servant, SamIamlet. It follows the original plot of Hamlet pretty well, with the exception of SamIamlet continually trying to get Hamlet to eat green eggs.

Wondering how the dialogue replaces the iambic pentameter of Shakespeare with the quick rhymes of Seuss, or replaces Seuss's child-appropriateness with Shakespeare's innuendo? During the play-within-a-play, as Hamlet watches, his head resting in Ophelia's lap, SamIamlet asks him, "Will you eat them with some fries?" to which Hamlet replies, "Not while my head is in her thighs!"

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