So let's say you have some egg yolks left over from baking or some instance in which you used just the whites. If you don't and you want to make this, just use whole eggs.

What You Will Need:
Four egg yolks
Six water chestnuts
Two tablespoons of stock or water
Three minced scallions
One teaspoon saké
Half a teaspoon of salt
One teaspoon sesame oil
Or one teaspoon of oyster sauce (there is a vegetarian version of this made from mushroom extract).
Two tablespoons of cooking oil

What Now?
Whisk the yolks, broth, saké, salt together. Heat the cooking oil in a wok, stir-fry the water chestnuts and scallions for a minute. Pour in the egg mixture and stir around until the egg is set. Drizzle with sesame oil or oyster sauce and serve on top of rice. This will serve four to six people depending upon what else you serve it with.

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