The gigantic tortoise upon whose back the Discworld rides, in the popular Terry Pratchett series.

Actually, four elephants stand on the tortoise, and the disc rotates upon their backs. There are no good theories to explain the tremendous friction.

Great A'Tuin is female, and is now a mother.

The wizzard Rincewind once had a very close encounter with the Great A'Tuin (which involved falling off of the Disc).

Great A'Tuin is a TURTLE, thank you very much. Tortoises cannot swim, while the Star Turtle is constantly swimming. The only creature in the multiverse who knows where it is going, G-A is the subject of much conjecture on the surface of Discworld. The Omnian Church maintained for a long time that the world was a sphere, despite the obvious logical flaw (All the water would fall off). Didactylos, an Ephebian philosopher, published a book called De Chelonian Mobilis (The Turtle Moves, for those who don't understand italics) debunking this theory. This precipitated a war, detailed further in Pratchett's Small Gods.

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