PETA's ill fated response to the Got Milk? advertising campaign. PETA wished to suggest that drinking beer is healthier than milk, even though beer is pretty unhealthy.

The campaign was pulled after MADD protested giving the impression that beer ought to be drunk. Mmmmm, beeeerrrrr....

PETA, in their attempt to protest the inhumane treatment of cows, like injecting them with hormones, forcing them to give birth to calf after calf, started a campaign, Milk Sucks and the Got Beer? ads.

MADD, (mothers against drunk driving) strongly objected to these ads, especially their being placed all over hundreds of college campuses. PETA apologized, and removed them from colleges, and donated $500 to MADD. MADD returned the money, saying they were missing the point, they should stop endorsing alcohol period.

PETA has done some very controversial topics in the past, such as a large billboard of Mayor Rudy Giuliani of NYC with a milk mustache and the slogan Got Prostate Cancer?. After some very strong objections from the mayor and cancer victims, they pulled the billboard.

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