A "Gork" is the slang word for the little one-line-poems inside Norwegian Coca-Cola bottle caps. Gork ryhmes with the Norwegian word for bottle cap (Kork). The whole thing started as a marketing stunt in the late 70s to make some fuss about the simple act of buying a bottle of Coke. Naturally, this caught the attention of people with collectors addiction and there are people collecting these bottle caps even today. Displaying a gork with the right message even facilitated the communication between teenagers in love. (This was before the wonderful age of SMS.) There are rumours that someone even proposed with the assistance of a gork.

The gork disappeared for a while in the 1990s but has now risen from the grave. If you buy a Coke glass bottle in Norway, you'll see the (sometimes) funny sentence under the cap.

Some gork examples:

"You're cute!"
"All alone..."
"I'm the boss!"
"You're beautiful tonight..."
"Tie me up, naughty!"
"Dance, you naughty tramp!"

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