The Orks are a race of green-skinned football hooligans from Games Workshop's popular Warhammer 40k game universe. They are an extremely cheerful and carefree race of bloodthirsty maniacs, and are quite unlike Tolkien's orc's, which they were inspired by. They have crude but effective technology, relying on solid construction and big guns rather than fancy high technology solutions.

One of the Ork's most fearsome weapons of war are the Gargants, orky versions of the 100-foot tall robots called Titans that the other races of the warhammer 40k universe use. Gargants aren't the hi-tech works of art that Eldar or Imperial Titans are. They are mountainous constructions of steel, driven by enormous steam engines and crewed by teams of Gretchin (i.e. Goblin) slaves. They are built in the image of one or other of the orky gods, Gork or Mork, although pretty much all of them end up looking like big, fat, vaguely cheery blobs with no visible legs and big feet. They carry a huge variety of crude but effective guns, as well as bizarre energy weapons created by the mad scientist mekboyz. They are protected by Power Fields, a less advanced version of the Imperial void shields. Despite the crude technology of the Orky Gargants, they are a fearsome opponent, as their solid construction makes them very hard to destroy. They lack a volatile plasma reactor, so aren't vulnerable to single well-aimed hits*. The best method to stop one of these enormous juggernauts is to pound it with heavy fire in the hope that it will eventually be destroyed by spreading flames and ammunition explosions.

The miniatures for Gargants are great; they are about the size of a paperweight, and made of heavy metal. They have that reassuring weight about them that says "I may have just exploded, but you could bludgeon your opponent to death with me. Could he do that with his cruddy plastic Warlord Titan? I don't think so." Not that I advocate real violence. You might chip the paint.

There are four main types of Gargant:

* This is blatantly false. A steam engine is naturally quite prone to exploding when pierced, say by an armour piercing shell or laser, what with all that highly pressurised gaseous water. But this is how it works in the game, so this is how I'm describing it here.

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