A neutral building in the hit 2002 game, Warcraft III.

Almost omnipresent, the Goblin Merchant is the only place reliable and easily accessible in WC3 to source items for your hero. They offer a range of "basic" items, some available all game around, some timed (cooldown) for purchase so as not to unbalance the game.

Items Offered:

The following items are available at the start of the game:
  • 1x Gem of True Seeing
  • 2x Wand of Negation

Tactics: Buy a Wand of Negation. I cannot stress this enough. Nothing like getting slowed/cursed/lightning shield cast on your troop and LOSING. With a wand, those problems go away. Also, you can get rid of annoying bloodlusts, inner fire and other beneficial spell effects on the enemy. Greatly undervalued by new players.

Town Portal scrolls are king. Buy one, then get in to a battle you know you won't win with a small attack force - teleport home, then lure the enemy to your base and counter attack with a larger force. Works well if you newbie talk a little (NOT smurfing) and tell them you are dead...

Mana Potions for spell casters, Health Potions for melee heroes - hell, Health Potions for spellcasters! Scrolls of Healing and Protection, when used at the right point in a battle, can win the game for you - save a little $$$ and make sure to swing the battle your way - a healing scroll that saves the lives of 2 BASIC tier 1 units has paid for itself.!.

Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
  • www.battle.net/war3
  • www.warcraftiii.net
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