Yaffa is a company owned by IKEA that makes storage products, kitchenware, and related items such as baskets and hangers. Yaffa's speciality is storage boxes that can be stacked on top of each other. Yaffa products can often be found in stores like Wal*Mart and Lechter's Housewares.

But what really makes people take notice of Yaffa is the hilariously annoying commercial that has been appearing on cable recently, which incorporates the slogan, Go Yaffa! Here is a transcript, which should be read by a woman who sounds like she is on so many drugs:

"Go Yaffa! and reinvent a room! Your favorite room! Yaffa goes floor to ceiling like a skyscraper! Be creative! Go stacking! Growing Yaffa!! It's the wildest furniture in the world! Call 1-800-GO-YAFFA to see the fabulous Yaffa pasta strainer! It hooks onto your faucet, floating in midair! 1-800-GO Yaffa!!"

Visit the website at http://www.yaffainc.com
See the hilarious Go Yaffa! Music Video in Flash at http://www.flashplayer.com/flash/flash_info.asp?FLASH_ID=351&FlashType=5

I can almost see this becoming an internet meme

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