A real-world game based on the 'sport' of geocaching. The playing field is any given region of land (city, metro area, coastal phenomenon, etc.) densely populated with caches, divided into two fairly equal (by some determination) sides. A game piece is chosen and that object is registered as a travel bug.

At the start of the game, the game piece is dropped into a geocache near the boundary between the two sides. After that, geocachers from each side of the playing field race against each other to retrieve the game piece from its cache, and then (within a reasonable amount of time, say a few days) place it into another cache that is further into or towards the other side's area of the map.

The game lasts for any predetermined number of days, and each side's score is determined by the total amount of time the game piece was located in a cache in their opponent's territory, assessed by the times the piece was reported picked up or placed via logs on an agreed upon website (e.g. geocaching.com).

An example of such a game is the Puget Sound Geo Hot Potato.

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