I've never been big on hot and spicy foods. So when it comes to chicken wings I've always gone with BBQ or Teriyaki. A while back the Amazing Waitress told me that the Garlic Parmesan Wings were awesome. I've been going to Durango Lodge for years. It was there that I played Chess for money for the first and only time in Las Vegas. I normally wouldn't even mention a real live place were anyone I write about actually works, but Saturday was the Amazing Waitress's last day. She's moving on to another line of work.

There are at least a couple of other girls who work at DL that I like though, and the food combined with it's close proximity to my condo means I'll keep going back. Enough about DL though, let's focus on these awesome wings.

Obviously this information isn't super helpful unless you are in Las Vegas, or unless you can find a place near you that serves Garlic Parmesan Wings, or unless you fancy yourself a cook. I am no cook.

Nor am I a writer, really, nor a very good typist, really. That doesn't stop me, though, and damn, those wings are tasty.

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