The Big Crash. The Bug. The End of Technology. The End of Humanity.

A role-playing sourcebook for GURPS, from (as usual) Steve Jackson Games.

As the name implies, the topic is of this book is "near future Armageddon" - all sorts of things that could be possible if all computers would go crazy, or something equally fearsome would occur. It's not limited to Y2K horror scenarios, of course (pretty pointless if the book was published in October 1999 =)

Covered topics: Y2K bug (and what would have happened in the very, very worst case if the people wouldn't have worked really hard before Y2K rollover), human errors, conspiracies fnord (now did you really think the COBOL coders did this mistakenly?), survivalists, gangs, cults, reconstruction, SF screwups, superhuman stuff and - of course - supernatural stuff, right out of the Revelation.

Overall, a very interesting book with great seeds for stuff What Didn't Happen In 2000 But Will Happen In 2038, For Sure =)

I bought this just because this was the perfect crystallization of the Y2K paranoia. =)

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