• OpenStep is an Application Programming Interface (API) for creating applications using the Objective C language. It was published by NeXT Computer Inc. in 1994.

    OpenStep consists of three parts: the `FoundationKit', a library of non-graphical objects; the `AppKit', a library of objects usful in creating graphical applications; and `Display Postscript', an interface for drawing to the screen using the PostScript graphics language.

    You can obtain a copy of the OpenStep standard from the GNUstep web site http://www.gnustep.org or it's mirror sites.

  • Explain the organization of the front- and back-ends

    The GNUstep GUI Library is divided into a front- and back-end. The front-end contains the majority of implementation, but leaves out the low-level drawing and event code. A back-end can override whatever methods necessary in order to implement low-level drawing event receiving. Different back-ends will make GNUstep available on various platforms. The default GNU back-end will run on top of X Windows and the DisplayGhostScript Server. Other back-ends could allow GNUstep to run on OpenGL, OS/2, and WIN32 graphics/event platforms. Much work will be saved by this clean separation between front- and back-end, because it allows different platforms to share the large amount of front-end code.

  • What is the current state of development of the X/DPS back-end?

    It works, but is slow and buggy. A lot of work could be done.

GNUstep DisplayGhostScript Server

  • What is the Display Ghostscript Server?

    It is a free implementation of a Display PostScript server based on the ghostscript program by Aladdin software.

  • What is its current state of development?

    GNU contracted with Aladdin software to add some key features to ghostscript so it could be used as a DPS server. This work has mostly been done, althought Aladdin did not completely finish the work that they were contracted for. DGS works fairly well with a single context and will soon work with multiple contexts. Alpha channel and compositing currently doesn't work, but should before the end of 2000 (It's already been fixed in Ghostscript, just not released).

  • What is the relationship between the Display Ghostscript Server and X Windows?

    Display Ghostscript runs on top of X Windows.

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-- from GNUstep Frequently Asked Questions with Answers (Last updated 2 August 2000 Please send corrections to gnustep-maintainer@gnu.org.)

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