AppKit is Apple's API to interface with EVERYTHING. It was generated in the same style as Foundation and has the same NS prefix. All of Appkit's classes, or instances, can be added, subclassed, and given data in Interface Builder. Also, Appkit has one of the simplest, and most integrated implementation of OpenGL. Actually, everything created with Project Builder and Interface Builder are easily set up.
1) Create a project
2) Open your resource in Interface Builder.
3) Draw an OpenGL rectangle
4) Subclass NSOpenGLView with the name of the class you want such as MyNSOpenGLView.
5) Tell Interface Builder to create a header file and implementation file for your class.
6) Write your OpenGL code.
It's all been initialized and you have an area to draw. Enable the stuff you need and you're off writing real code. And everything in Cocoa is this easy to set up, so you spend less time constructing the interface and more time coding your game, project, or utility.

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