Fusebox is a method of writing Cold Fusion applications that is efficient, easy to use and easy to understand if you're working with someone elses code. This is paraphrased from the Fusebox website.

I've been working with Cold Fusion for almost 2 years and using Fusebox for about 8-9 months and have to agree with the sentiment of the statement.

Fusebox is currently entering it's third cycle of growth and there are many ways of doing this. I propose that we use Everything as the place to do this.

Fusebox 3 is looking like it's going to be a community effort and we can't do that if we have a controlling body in charge of the decision making process. Everything puts the community in control.


Well, we could use this node as the base node. Discussion for content can occure on the list and through comments here. We could start by working out what we need on the ToC and each section would be a sub node of this one. Any terms at all can be set up as node links and the author of any node can maintain that part of it. If someone doesn't like what's been written for that particular node then they can create a node with the same name and voting by the Fusebox community will determine which one gets used.

At this point we will all start on level 0 so don't have any voting rights which is why I suggest we grab the source code and set one up specifically for Fusebox

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