Fudge Hair Colour.

Fudge comes in two distinct options:

B)Not-So Temporary

Basically if you buy the temporary fudge hair colour it comes in a can, similar to hair spray, what differs from normal hair spray and Fudge hair spray is the fact that it (Fudge) colours your hair. It also comes out when you wash your hair. It's really good for the odd occasion when you want to have coloured hair, or to scare small children.

The other flavour if you will, is the not-so temporary, but not-so permanent hair colouring option. It's a pasty substance, similar to toothpaste. It'll last for a while, depending on your hair colour and how many times you wash your hair.

The company is Australian, so the use of the British spelling of colour is all over the package, neat. The product is made in Great Britain too.

Directions for Not-So Permanent Hair Colour.
Directions: Shamppo hair & towlel dry. Wearing gloves, apply colour evenly on hair, keeping off scalp & comb until it becomes frothy. Colour will take 15-30 mins - a plastic cap of cling wrap will help processing. Rinse hair with warm water until water runs clear. Shampoo as normal. Duration and intensity of colour will vary, depening on hair type & condition, & may last up to 20 washes. For vibrant colour, first bleach hair to pale yellow.

WARNING: If colour comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediatly with warm water. May cause skin irration - preliminary test advised. Must not be used for eyebrows or eyelashes - to do so may cause blindness.

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