A version of impractical shoes. They refer to the stiletto pump. To find these, you usually have to go to a store that sells racier lingerie than Victoria's Secret. You can also order them through Fredrick's of Hollywood. My stripper friends have salesmen come to their clubs. They come in heels usually from 4-6 inches.

I prefer to call it the "Fuck You Shoe"

The term was indeed used by Germaine Greer. While I'm not sure of the year of its conception, it was certainly used by Greer in the early 1990s to denigrate writer and columnist Suzanne Moore, who at that time wrote for the Guardian (the left-of-centre British newspaper). The two women subsequently appeared on the satirical quiz show "Have I Got News For You", and traded further barbs. Greer was basically arguing that it was inappropriate for anyone claiming to be a feminist to wear fuck-me shoes (as Moore did).

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