A muted album release from Metamatics in 2001, available on Hydrogen Dukebox records as DUKE98CD.


  1. Here To Go
  2. What The Birds Overheard
  3. Byeway(Clan)
  4. Rapala Shad
  5. Colmic Zeus
  6. Pollen Piano
  7. Machine Wool
  8. Remip Ear
  9. Giant Sunflowers
  10. Vaxhug
  11. A New End
  12. Inart

Lee Norris, the surviving member of the duo, Metamatics, sheds off a lot of his earlier House styled electronica and explores a more mysterious, rustic path with this delicate and sincere album. Full of clicks, fuzz and skitterish beats, it's soaked up in warm, hazy piano melodies and airy, dry synth pads. From the dark, yet uplifting opener "Here To Go" to the quirky, reverb drenched "Pollen Piano", it's clear that this release was inspired by hot summer evenings at his cottage in Devon, England. Although it does become too hazy and unremarkable at times, this is a solid and mature effort from one of electronica's unique talents, and the perfect soundtrack to a walk through the countryside.

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