Metamatics was formed by Lee Norris and Dominic Kennedy in Manchester, England (currently, Lee Norris makes up the whole of Metamatics). As a composer, Lee Norris has worked with other electronic music artists such as Reflection and Clatterbox, and has recorded on labels including Clear and Hydrogen Dukebox.

Metamatics got their start at Clear, releasing four EPs (aptly titled ep01, ep02, ep03, and ep04 respectively) throughout the first quarter of 1997. Their debut album, A Metamatics Production, appeared in April of that year. Dominic Kennedy, half of Metamatics at the time, departed shortly thereafter.

After completing their first album, Metamatics went on to do several remixes for various other artists and compilations, contributing their unique creative style to the music of Friend & Dr. Kosmos (Single Of The Week, on Dot), Roupe (Transport Solutions, on Dot), A1 People (Do It, on Hydrogen Dukebox), and contributing their music to Future Sound Of Jazz 3 on Compost and Twisted Love Songs on P-Vine.

In 1998, Lee Norris released two EPs under the alias of Norken (Southern Soul on Reel and Tidal Frequencies on Numbers), and one as Metamatics (Onyx on Clear). In April of that year, Metamatics released their second full-length album, Neo Ouija, on the Japanese P-Vine label as a Japanese-only release. In September, a United Kingdom release of the album followed on Hydrogen Dukebox.

Three EPs followed in 1999: Dayglo Tinsel (on District6), Lo Tinsel Workshop (on District6), and Evening Star (on Hydrogen Dukebox). After remixing a track on Anthony Manning's Concession Edits, Lee Norris released a second album under the alias of Norken, entitled Soul Static Bureau, on Beau Monde.

The next year proved to be extremely busy for Metamatics. Lee Norris founded his own label, Neo Ouija (aptly named after a previous Metamatics album), in early 2000, signing various artists such as Accelera Deck, Clatterbox, and Geiom. Metamatics' first release on Neo Ouija, the EP Colmic Zeus, was released in March. In May, an EP on Dot followed (Man-Q-Neons). After contributing to Ambient Soho on Millenium, Norken's fourth release (and second EP), The Lost Day, was released on Delsin. Metamatics and Clatterbox, both artists on Lee Norris' Neo Ouija label, released their collaboration album Project Unison in June on Neo Ouija. Three months later, in September, two full-length albums were released by Metamatics: Midnight Sun Pig on Dot and Spook Tinsel Shoal on Hydrogen Dukebox.

In 2001, the EP On (What's Wrong With It) / Dope Robot's Revenge was released on Hydrogen Dukebox. Not long thereafter, Metamatics' most recent release and full-length album, Dope For The Robot was released in April of 2001 on Hydrogen Dukebox.



Title ep01
Released January 1997
Label Clear (CLR425) (12" EP)

Title ep02
Released February 1997
Label Clear (CLR426) (12" EP)

Title ep03
Released February 1997
Label Clear (CLR427) (12" EP)

Title ep04
Released March 1997
Label Clear (CLR428) (12" EP)

Title A Metamatics Production
Released April 1997
Label Clear (CLR429) (CD LP)

Title Onyx
Released February 1998
Label Clear (CLR438)

Title Southern Soul (As Norken)
Released March 1998
Label Reel (Reel.Two) (12" EP)

Title Tidal Frequencies
Released 1998
Label Numbers (Numbers001) (12" EP)

Title Neo Ouija
Released April 1998 (Japan Only)
Label P-Vine (PCD-5376) (CD LP)

Title Dayglo Tinsel
Released April 1999
Label District6 (District2) (12" EP)

Title Lo Tinsel Workshop
Released August 1999
Label District6 (District3) (12" EP)

Title Evening Star
Released August 1999
Label Hydrogen Dukebox (Duke065) (7" EP)

Title Neo Ouija
Released September 1998 (United Kingdom)
Label Hydrogen Dukebox (Duke067) (CD LP/ 2 x 10" LP)

Title Soul Static Bureau (As Norken)
Released November 1999
Label Beau Monde (BMCD03) (CD LP)

Title Colmic Zeus
Released March 2000
Label Neo Ouija (Neo001) (12" EP)

Title Man-Q-Neons
Released May 2000
Label Dot (Dot1211) (12" EP)

Title The Lost Day (As Norken)
Released May 2000
Label Delsin (DSR9/NOR1) (12" EP)

Title Project Unison (With Clatterbox)
Released June 2000
Label Neo Ouija (Neo002) (CD LP)

Title Midnight Sun Pig
Released September 2000
Label Dot (DotCD/LP05) (CD LP)

Title Spook Tinsel Shoal
Released September 2000
Label Hydrogen Dukebox (Duke76) (CD LP)

Title On (What's Wrong With It) / Dope Robot's Revenge
Released 2001
Label Hydrogen Dukebox (Duke087djv) (12" EP)

Title Dope For The Robot
Released April 2001
Label Hydrogen Dukebox (Duke91cd) (CD LP)


Title Single Of The Week (Friend & Dr. Kosmos
Released October 1997
Label Dot (Dot1205) (12" EP)

Title Transport Solutions (Roupe)
Released December 1997
Label Dot (Dot1209) (12" EP)

Title Do It (A1 People)
Released March 1998
Label Hydrogen Dukebox (Duke041) (12" EP)

Title Concession Edits (Anthony Manning)
Released October 1999
Label District6 (District4) (12" EP)


Title Future Sound Of Jazz 3
Contributed Skunk Me (A Metamatics Production)
Released December 1997
Label Compost (Comp030) (CD LP

Title Twisted Love Songs
Contributed Skunk Me (A Metamatics Production), Swimmer (A Metamatics Production)
Released March 1998
Label P-Vine (PCD-5311) (CD LP)

Title MASK 300
Contributed Stum
Released October 1998
Label Skam (Mask300) (12" EP)

Title Ambient Soho
Contributed So Many Ways (Neo Ouija)
Released May 2000
Label Millenium (Mill82CD) (CD LP)

Title Cashiers Escape Route
Contributed Windbees
Released November 2000
Label City Centre Offices (Towerblock002) (CD LP)


Neo Ouija -
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