Friday the 13th Part Two (1981) - Weasello Rating: {>---} (Boo) {{ Prequel | Sequel }}
Please note that this review is laden with spoilers.

Jason Injury Count: In this movie, Jason is kicked once in the groin, tripped several times, and was nearly decapitated: A machete was firmly lodged in his chest, via a downward chopping motion - the wound entered his body right around the neck line, clearly severing a jugular and probably nicking a lung. Of course, Jason does not die.

Body count: 11 (One implied death would make it 12, but the next movie states there was only ten at the camp)

Plot Outline: Years after the original movie, a local young man opens a Camp Counselor Training Retreat on Crystal Lake, just a 10-15 minute walk from the site of the original movie's setting (Camp Crystal Lake). Right at the beginning of the movie, the young women are sitting around a campfire telling the old "Jason" story, and saying "Some say Jason is alive and was working WITH his Mom, and seeing her murdered pushed him over the edge!" COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that Jason drowned about 35-40 years previous and no sighting of him has been seen so far. After a 10-person-killing-spree, Jason proves his stupidity when the lead character dons his mother's sweater and Jason thinks she is his mom. Jason is "done in" with the machete chop detailed above while entranced by mother-flashback-hallucinations.

Then, safe and sound back inside the cabin, the two lead characters are attacked by Jason, complete with machete stuck in his chest. Movie fades out with much screaming and confusion.

Interesting Notes: Jason makes his first appearance in this movie, as a full-grown axe-wielding man. He does not have his trademark hockey-mask, however; he wears a pillowcase over his head with eyeholes cut out. It looks rather silly.

The only survivor from Friday the 13th part one dies within the first 5 minutes of the movie. She didn't even have a chance - being nowhere near Camp Crystal Lake, Jason's stomping grounds, it was very surprising. In fact, one would say it was very surprising that Jason existed at all. Nevertheless, we waste no time on plot!

Lead Roles:
    Amy Steel - Ginny
    John Furey - Paul Holt
    Adrienne King - Alice
    Kirsten Baker - Terri
    Stuart Charno - Ted
    Warrington Gillette - Jason Voorhees
    Walt Gorney - Crazy Ralph
    Marta Kober - Sandra Dier
    Tom McBride - Mark
    Bill Randolph (I) - Jeffrey
    Lauren-Marie Taylor - Vicky
    Russell Todd - Scott
    Betsy Palmer - Mrs. Voorhees
    Cliff Cudney - Maxwell
    Jack Marks (I) - The Cop
    Directed by: Steve Miner

    Writing credits: Ron Kurz

    Tagline: The body count continues...
    Sources: The oh-so-wonderful IMDB, my head, and the box.

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