Friday the 13th Part Three: In 3-D! (1982) - Weasello Rating: {>>--} (So-So) {{ Prequel | Sequel }}
Please note that this review is laden with spoilers.

Jason Injury Count: In his greatest beatings yet, Jason is stabbed in the leg, slashed in the arm, and trips and falls innumerable times. Clearly his injuries are catching up with him! We almost think he dies when he plummets two stories with a noose around his neck, but obviously his neck muscles are made of steel. An axe firmly implanted in his skull techncially stops him, but it is unclear as to his actual death status until the next movie.

Bodycount: At least 13. I apologize for the inaccuracy. Please /msg me if you can confirm this figure.

Plot Outline: The third movie of the Friday the 13th series goes right back to basics - the movie is almost identical to the original. Some Dude's house is the locale, and he happens to live on a little plot of land right on Crystal Lake - Jason's stomping grounds. He invites a bunch of friends over for a weekend party, and no one gets out alive. Being a very simple plot, it took very little time to establish and most of the movie was either killing or setting up foreshadowing.

The movie ends the same as the first one of the series - after Jason has been "killed" by the axe in his head, the lead character once again takes a canoe to the middle of the lake to take a nap. She awakes the next morning when the police stop by the property, and "suprisingly," JASON'S MOM leaps out of the water and drags her under. The movie then fades in with the girl at the hospital, leaving a huge opening for a sequel starring Jason's Mom.

Interesting Notes: Jason's infamous hockey mask makes its first appearance in this movie. One of the guys that went to the house to party brought a bag of scary tricks - fake axes, rubber knives, masks, etc. - Jason kills this dude halfway through the movie and steals his hockey mask. Jason first appears with a hockey mask at 1 hour 6 minutes into this movie.

This movie is also the first to establish that Jason is an excellent marksman. Every axe he throws, ever projectile he fires, he hits with deadly accuracy - usually through people's eyeballs.

This movie was also offered in 3-D at theatres, the only Friday the 13th movie to sport this feature.

Lead roles: Directed by: Steve Miner

Writing credits: Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson

Tagline: A New Dimension In Terror...
Sources: The oh-so-wonderful IMDB, my head, and the box.

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