Possible spoiler
Mentioned many times in the "Friday the 13th" movies, this nice little spot is where a great deal of murders took place. In the first "Friday the 13th" film, Pamela Vorhees snaps after her son's (Jason's) death, which was caused by the neglect of several horny camp counselors. She murders some folks who were planning to reopen the camp several decades afterward.

Some suggest that it was Jason, now undead, who guides Pamela's hands during the first movie. Pamela's spree abruptly ends when the last surviving counselor decapitates her, thus killing her.

Filled with rage, Jason, now a full-grown undead manlike thing, continues his mother's work in most of the movies in the series. He generally prefers to hang out around Crystal Lake, dispatching any teens stupid enough to hang out around the lake, smoke pot, drink, and/or have sex. There's almost a moral message at work here.

In the films, both Pamela and Jason prefer to work with the tools at hand, generally refraining from undignified weapons such as guns (with the exception of the spear gun in part 3). Better are common objects like hammers, axes, knives, and Jason's famous machete. He has added many notches to his tally with that recognizable slicer.

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