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Pour over ice, Stir, Strain into a snifter

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Arguably the dominant forward line in the NHL during the 1970s, the Buffalo Sabres' "French Connection" was made up of three French Canadians: Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin and Rene Robert.

The line was formed in March, 1972 when Buffalo traded Eddie Shack to the Pittsburgh Penguins for the young Robert. The next season they scored 105 goals, and in the 1974-75 season they scored 131 goals and took the Sabres to the Stanley Cup finals. (They lost in 6 games to the Philadelphia Flyers and their superstar goalie Bernie Parent.)

The Sabres retired the jerseys of all three players in 1995, marking one of the few, perhaps only, times that an entire forward line has had their jerseys retired together.

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