1. A pipe dream. TANSTAAFL.

2. A space on the Monopoly game board. The only space on the board where absolutely nothing happens at all. Any rules involving Free Parking are strictly unofficial and are never used in tournament play. Regardless, many players accumulate certain types of money collected by the Bank (taxes, usually, but some players throw in everything) in the center of the board, and that money is claimed by the first player to land on Free Parking. The motivations seem to be to introduce a large element of chance into the game and to offset the inevitable exponential growth of players holding monopolies. IMO, this is a misguided bleeding heart attempt to help out losing players, especially children. There are no magic windfalls in the game, and it’s specifically designed that way. The sooner people learn that capitalism is unfair and life sucks, the better. There is no sense in giving people false hope that will inevitably be spoiled later when they realize the bitterness of their existence.

3. A spin off game from Parker Brothers. I know it’s a Monopoly themed card game and is sold with its sister game Water Works, but I’ve never played it.
And yes, much of that paragraph is tongue in cheek.

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