The best source for all organic coffee in Asheville, NC, located on Lexington Ave, just prior to the I-240 underpasses.

This coffee shop not only provides great coffee and coffe related drinks (esspresso, and really good hot chocolate), but is also a home away from home for many young people in the area. The Natural Mystic ("Mystics" for short) also is a hub for many people, serving as a meeting place that is conveniently located just outside of the radius shown on most tourist maps (therefore, this place basically doesn't even exist to tourists, so you never have to deal with that aspect of the town of Asheville).

Another perk to the Natural Mystic Coffee Shop is that it has it's own parking lot. Normally, you must pay $1 to park here, however, if you park in one of the twelve designated "Natural Mystic Parking" spots, parking there is free, all day, all night, forever.
This may not seem like a big deal; however, if you've ever been to Asheville, you would learn to appreciate free parking.

Lately the coffee house has come under fire from the police because of a few people who got caught in the free parking lot across the street as well as many coffee shop patrons who "look suspicious".

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