Here's your neighbor coming to visit you. You look out your window and ask, "I wonder why Mr. Hankey is here?" He rings the bell. You answer the door. He says, "Mrs. Byteme, I am having some problems paying for my medicine. Could you and Mr. Byteme give me a couple of hundred dollars? I promise I won't ask you again. I'll go to the Hempheads next."

You say, "Well, Mr. Hankey, don't you think that if you'd have gotten some exercise every once in a while instead of sitting on your bottom all day watching Oprah that you might not need that medicine? And what about those 2 packs of smokes a day, and that 12-pack every night?"

"Well, that's after the fact, isn't it? I'm gonna die here if I don't get it! And Medicare won't pay for it! It's my right to have this medicine!"

People would never go door to door begging like this; it would cost them too much human dignity. But they will vote for politicians who will pass laws that force you to pay for this stuff whether you want to or not. And those politicians will get reelected because they are buying votes by giving your money away.

If this doesn’t piss you off enough to vote, just wait.

It will.

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