As many Americans are aware, lucky tax payers are being given a $300-or-so tax rebate by the federal government. Some people would have preferred the government take some of its much touted surplus and spend it on something like edjuma-cation. No such luck this time, it seems.

Still, there are options available for the true philanthropist. Take that check and give it to your favorite charity. I mean, lets face it: $300 is nice, but it can't really get you something all that cool in today's economy. Still, it is enough for the average citizen to give to a favorite charity and feel like they really gave something.

Most of you out there can probably think of some pretty cool charities, so I'm not going to burden you with a list of some of my favorites (I'm not getting paid to write this, after all). Still, if you can't think of a better place to spend your money, why not scroll down the side of the screen and check out the e2 Donation Box?

It is such a nice idea for those lucky enough to be recieving a tax refund check to turn and give it to charity. It is as nice an idea as a holiday where everyone plants a beautiful garden and then has a vegetarian cookout with balloons! Woo! Now that is nice!

But oh dear, I caught a segment of the Evening News last night where they interviewed a bunch of people on the street asking them what they will do with their money. Everyone seemed to have plans for thier windfall already. Kids need school clothes, car needs fixing, bills, home repairs, hookers, blow... you know how it is for us Americans.

Well I propose (and if you agree please help spread the word) that there is a workable compromise - it came to me as I read Ben and Jerry's 1% to charity creed, then remembered that agents in Hollywood take between 10 - 20 % of a star's gross earnings.

Make a donation of 10% of your refund.
I've done a little math and it works out to something like this:
If you get $300 you would donate $30 to say, Planned Parenthood or your local Church.
If you get $500 you would donate $50 to hmmmmmm how about Greenpeace, The Sierra Club or the Nature Conservancy.
if you get $600 you would donate $60 to oh I dont know maybe Habitat for Humanity, Christian Childrens Fund, or Welfare to Work
The charities mentioned above are only examples and will not suit everyone - you probably have a favorite already. If every person getting the refund gives 10% away, an extra three billion eight hundred million will go to helping people, animals, and the environment. If you just HATE the idea of being a nice person and giving money away just remember this: you can claim it on your taxes next year.

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yerricde says: For some reason, your Give your tax refund to charity writeup doesn't mention giving $65 to EFF. See also arely legal

facty says: Excellent places to donate, illustrating my point that every noder will have a favorite target for their funds.

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