Paul is making me nervous
Paul is making me scared
Walk into this room and swaggers
Like he's God's own messenger

Change the name of my brother
Change the things that he said
Says that he speaks to him
But he never even knew the man
But I'd give my life for him

Like water through my hands
You'd give him any ending
But if he's all you say
Would he fly from heaven
To this world again
To this world again

Song from Toad the Wet Sprocket's 1994 album Dulcinea. In this song, Paul is the author of the New Testament Epistles, "my brother" is Jesus Christ, and the flight "from heaven to this world again" is the prophesied Second Coming.

Now listen to the song again. It might seem from the lyrics to be just another rant about the origins of Christianity, but the music that accomopanies it is so moody, so sadly emotional, it makes me think that the singer is honestly looking for an answer to his question: "Would he fly from heaven to this world again?" Because on his own, given what he knows, he can't imagine such a man actually existing.

YMMV, of course.

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