A more modern steel looping roller coaster design by Bolliger & Mabillard. The track is below the riders and the train however there is no floor beneath the riders' feet. This causes the rider's feet to dangle above the track. This coaster type debuted in April of 1999 at Six Flags Great Adventure in the form of Medusa, a 142 foot groundbreaking roller coaster. My only experience with floorless roller coasters is Batman Knight Flight. This coaster has an extra wide lift hill over a good portion of the park's lake. One of my best friends considers this one of his top three coasters, and I'm guessing for good reason. I personally enjoy the immense speed coupled with massive inversion elements. As of October 2002, there seven floorless coasters, though many others are debated as possibly floorless.

Floorles coasters include:
Superman Krypton Coaster Six Flags Fiesta Texas - 168 feet, opened March 2000
Superman / la Atracción de Acero Warner Brothers Movie World - 164 feet, opened April 2002
Batman Knight Flight Six Flags Worlds of Adventure - 157 feet, opened May 2000
Medusa Six Flags Marine World - 150 feet, opened March 2000
Kraken SeaWorld Orlando - 149 feet, opened June 2000
Medusa Six Flags Great Adventure - 142 feet, opened April 1999
Batman - Dark Knight Six Flags New England - 118 feet, opened April 2002

some information sourced from: roller coaster database and my hydrophobic experience on Batman Knight Flight.

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