In an endless battle between Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain, the latter reset the World Coaster Record when, on April 12, 2003, when they opened Scream! SFMM’s first floorless coaster, as well as Southern California’s first floorless, was the 16th coaster for the legendary park.

And yes, the coaster name actually has an exclamation mark at the end…

Scream!’s 150’ height is nothing to sneeze at. Other popular floorless coasters have similar heights without reducing thrill such as the 157’ Dominator and the groundbreaking Medusa at 142’. In fact, Scream! is essentially a mirror image of Medusa with increased height. This B&M designed coaster, as are all floorless at this point, delivers the inversions thrill seekers look for with seven inversions after a top speed of 63 mph. Being a photogenic roller coaster, Scream! shows off a 128’ vertical loop, a 96’ diving loop, a camelback (creating zero-gs), interlocking corkscrews (as most floorless end), and a 78’ Cobra Roll. This three minute thrill ride gives the riders all the flips and drops they’re looking for.

Besides being a great floorless, Scream! offers a couple of bonuses coaster riders look for; first and foremost: a short line. Rarely does Scream! put up much of a wait time and is a great coaster to get off and walk right back on. The smooth ride also makes it easy to re-ride without the nausea and headache feeling offered by other coasters. While not a personal top ten coaster, Scream! is still a definite “let’s-ride-again” coaster any day.

Opened April 13th, 2004
  • Max Height: 150’
  • Drop Length: 241'
  • Max Speed: 63 mph
  • Duration: 3:00
  • Inversions: 7
resources include: roller coaster database, rec.roller-coasters, and many re-rides on Scream!.

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