Also, a genetic condition which I have. As the name implies, my feet are flat rather than angular. When I was born doctors wondered if I would be able to walk, and were certain I would never be able to jog or run.

As such, for the first six or so years of my life I was forced to wear these silly foot correctors. Besides having flat feet my feet also point in the wrong direction (outwards rather than inwards, see: Tommy Pickles). The correctors did jack, and I could walk and run just fine. I'm also one of the best runners I know.

Besides that, being a flatfoot has also induced other side-effects, these are:

I cannot balance, at all. If I try to stand on one foot I will fall over in about ten seconds. It's that bad. Fortunately so far I have no desire to be a man on the high trapeze. Somewhat paradoxically, I have better balance when I'm standing at an angle than most normal people.

I have the ability to use my feet almost as effectively as my hands. Picking stuff up, catching things, flushing toilets, opening doors, you name it, I can work it. This is actually a rather desirable effect, since I don't have to touch icky stuff with my valuable hands.

Tacs on the floor are not as big a threat to me, as my weight is distributed more equally throughout my feet.

I walk funny. People will sometimes approach me and inquire if I have broken anything recently.

All in all, I think it's a rather fair tradeoff.

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