Five Weeks Before the Mast
A nautical nodermeet to shove off NotFabio and regale in e2Hons Hospitality

According to nautical lore... ok, popular culture in Annapolis (the drinking town with a sailing problem)... before setting out for a long distance race, the crew of the departing boat gets together with friends and family one last time before setting sail lest they never see again. Trust me, it's not that dramatic, folks. Really it's nothing more than a good excuse to eat good seafood and imbibe on good spirits. You're invited to join NotFabio before he sets out for five weeks before the mast off New England and on the North Atlantic.

Where: Boatyard Bar and Grill, Maritime Republic of Eastport, Annapolis, Maryland. Corner of Severn Avenue & 4th Street. Park at the Main Street parking garage and walk to City Dock and the Alex Haley Memorial. From the City Dock, walk over Spa Creek Bridge past Annapolis Yacht Club. Take the first left on Severn Avenue. At the Water Taxi and Annapolis City Marina Dock, turn half a block up 4th Street.
When: 26 June, 2004. Noon or so until before too late.
Who: You are either a friend of e2Hons or in e2Hons. You have no excuse.
  • NotFabio
  • IWhoSawTheFace A WEDDING?! Come on old chap. You're going to have to do better than that to get out of this one.
    IWhoSawTheFace says: How's this: It's Billy Graham's grandson. No $#!*. His grandson and my older daughter's best friend are gettin hitched down in North Carolina that weekend.
    Holy $#!* ! Billy Graham's grandson? I bet he's in good with the guy who controls our weather on the way up. Better not piss him off...
  • momomom Fortunately, Mr. Face will be replaced by hardier souls.
  • Gorgonzola Always a welcome addition, even if a 'maybe'
  • Kurin, proving that not all Johnnies are scared of King Neptune. Arrr!
  • Kensey, who's in it for the hardtack and grog. But secretly we've replaced his hardtack with fresh cheese biscuits and his grog with fresh lemon iced tea! Let's see what happens...
What:Boatyard is the meeting place for the sea-going communities of Annapolis. The fishermen and watermen meet throughout the week, with the racing sailors filling the bar Wednesday night after races to drink and watch the highlight reel from the week prior. Accordingly, Boatyard's menu is not too-expensive, but definitely upscale. You can easily get out under $20 before drinks. Speaking of drinks, they have a full bar with a decent wine and beer list for those of age also. I recommend the crabcakes. They're some of the best in a town that's mastered the art as a rule.
What else: Unlike the previous nodermeet, this is a sit-down meal. Like the previous nodermeet, no cameras. Mr. Face doesn't like them, and the atmosphere of Boatyard really doesn't lend itself to picture taking. However, like any noder meet, bring photos. Pictures are good.

Questions? We got answers:

  1. Are you noding the race? Yes. Besides the fact we're stopping in New Brunswick, Maine, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Newport, Rhode Island and New York City, I am developing a telemetry system for the Navy 44. This, if it works, will allow me to post my navigation/deck log to the daylogs.
  2. Your question here.

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